Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Visit to Chiang Mai, brings about new adventure ideas!

Northern Thai traditional dance at the hotel exhibition on Bai tourism

I imagine handsome men live behind those masks

View from outside the hotel, odd leftovers from what I assume to be a building over the water

Forest surrounding the mountains at a rare dry moment

Eating the many snacks Ra's grandmother prepares for us, saying "I'm full" does not excuse you from her offerings!

This amazing woman is 85, she asked the monks to give her just 5 more years so she could help raise her young granddaughter!

The granddaughter sleeps, and after eating so much we all want to join her

Elephants at the entry to a Buddhist saint at the bottom of Dio Suthep

Prayer and offerings

So much rain, view through a car window

Driving down from Wat Doi Suthep, dissed by the rain

The dog has the right idea on how to keep dry

It is late now, but more details on the weekend to come...stay tuned

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