Friday, May 8, 2009

Flying to Thailand... commence cramping

Leaving Phoenix as the sun rises

Japan is serious about preventing swine flu in their country!

I, fortunately, am not!

Pai (Ra's boyfriend), Ra and I celebrate the arrival with some beers and chow near her apartment.

Was up all night packing, of course. I will blame the critique that was scheduled for the night before I left as the reason for my procrastination. I was quite late since I was having dinner with mom on my last night. She cooked not one, but 2 childhood favorites! Delicious BBQ ribs AND Cheezy Freezy! For those not aware of the culinary delight that is cheezy freezy I guide you to look at the back of your Bisquick Box and see if you can figure out what my brother and I named when we were kids. By the way, the dish is warm and in no way resembles its name aside the fact that cheese does constitute a large portion of this dish.

Was at the airport by around 5:30am. Got about 2 hours of sleep. Have about 19 hours of flying ahead of me spread over a day and a half. I will be arriving in Thailand the next day at around 11:30pm. I hope Ra is there!

United Airlines has got to have the worst airplane food I have ever come in contact with. Usually you eat what they put in front of you just because you are bored to tears and the slight endorphines released when eating might spare you from the constant agony of the cramped seats, but I couldn't even finish most of the food they plopped on my tray. Thankfully, the layover in Japan allowed me to get some good stretching and some good food. Sake, beer, and a belly full of sushi. I think I need to spend some more time in Japan, preferable outside of the airport! It was kinda interesting going through a slight quarintine before they let us leave the plane. As evidenced from the above photo, I found it far too entertaining! They let me keep the face mask too...

It will feel so good to get off these godforsaken planes!


  1. Yeah, you made it! Sushi from Japan, I am jealous.

  2. Hey, hey ... don't be so hard on Cheezy Freezy. The REAL name is mock chili rellano ... even if you kids always had it without salsa. It's those American Southwest roots!

    Ah, tradition ...