Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prepare for Departure

It's a Wednesday morning. My guest house door is open inviting in both the warming Arizona sun and the excited calls of desert birds. I am still in bed wearing whatever I had on yesterday, staving off dehydration from the refreshing ether induced fun the night before. Rob and I drank fresh stout and porter while I went over the finer qualities of the history of hip hop- even blessed him with clips from "Style Wars" and the ultimate classic, "Wild Style." He had to head home before I was able to whip out "Beat Street." Taken it back to the old school...cause I'm an old fool who's so cool...

How I will miss this home brewed Espresso Stout when I am gone... nothing like having a brewery in your kitchen. Vienna Lager, Tempe Town Brown, Plaid Skirt Scottish ale, Arizona Steamer, Cotton Ball porter, Bumble Bee Blonde, Amber Cerveza style, Belgium Dark, mmmmm mmm! I have screwed up my beer intake for the rest of my life for NOTHING will taste as good as the stuff created at this little "treehouse."

In exactly two weeks time I will be leaving on a jet plane for Thailand. I have no return date. I am packing my place up with the idea that I may never be back... an exciting endeavor no doubt. But what to do with all this stuff!? Menial things will sold or burned (or shot to bits with a .45) but old art projects, negatives from high school, underwater slides from Catalina, van dyke prints from college... how do I want to preserve my early years for future posterity? I am perfectly prepared for my mind and memory to degrade on a predictable course so I will need to have some objects to jump start memories of my earlier years. Buddhism teaches impermanence and detachment. Perhaps this packing up stage is the initial challenge I must complete before my true journey can begin.

I soak up my time here with family and incredible friends. But before I go to Thailand, I must survive my canyon trip this weekend. Upper Salome. An overnight in the canyon. And I am the lucky one who will be climbing an exposed 45 foot cliff side to set up a belay for the rest. Life is sure an adventure...

It's Wednesday. I leave for Thailand in...two weeks... two weeks...


  1. Nice pic (love the beer in the corner). Can't believe it is only two week away. Blog looks great. Oh, and FIRST! (ironically)

  2. congrats nong chai... you nerd ;)

  3. Jessica- I hope you keep blogging on your travels. I will be looking for updates.

    Safe Travels this week!